Videos & Films from around Wales

Videos and film footage about Wales

Videos and film footage taken from around Wales plus various other parts of the world on attending Welsh events, places, visits, ancestry, history and culture plus visitors tracing their family history.

Videos and film footage on this web page has kindly been provided by Visit Wales, SkyCam Wales, Pembrokeshire Photography, Celticos Tours and many others with their kind permission. Fly 2 Wales cannot accept any liability for their content or information and the videos or film footage remain the property of the author, owner, holder or film maker. We also have our own Fly 2 Wales YouTube channel and please when you are browsing our web site make sure you also take a look at our Pictures page as well where you will find stunning pictures and images of various parts of Wales for your enjoyment. Once again can we please stress that the pictures and images remain the property of both Skycam Wales and Pembrokeshire Photography and they cannot be COPIED or DISTRIBUTED without their express permission.

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