Holiday Cottages & Lets in Wales

Holiday Cottages & Lets for that Self Catering option.

Holiday Cottages in Wales, Holiday Homes or Holiday Lets offer that self catering option for you and the family to enjoy when planning your next vacation in Wales.

Holiday Cottages in Wales, Homes & Lets allow vacationers to rent and run the properties as if it were their own home for the duration of their temporary stay, this is often for less than 30 days. The majority of the Cottages, Homes or Lets are also pet friendly but we do advise that you check with the property owner before making and confirming your booking to avoid any disappointment. Please browse our web page below on the Cottages, Homes and Lets we have on offer each one having their own unique character, charm and stunning setting. Book your next Cottage getaway, vacation or stay in Wales now.

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