Food & Places to eat in Wales

Food is well known for being traditional in Wales.

Food in Wales is well known for being traditional especially Welsh Lamb and Beef but there are many more Welsh food cuisines which some people are not aware of. Cawl, Welsh rarebit, Welsh cakes, Bara Brith, Glamorgan Sausages and Salt Marsh Lamb are but a few that are unique to Wales and served in various places.

Lamb is mostly associated with Wales and is usually accompanied with fresh mint sauce but it can also include seafood especially if you are close to the coast where fishing is part of daily life such as Gower Cockles or Conwy Mussels. A Welsh favourite is Laverbread, a food product made from an edible seaweed traditionally eaten fried with Bacon and served with Cockles which is a small type of Shellfish, this compliments a Welsh breakfast. There are many restaurants and cafes throughout Wales serving traditional and non traditional dishes as well as other different cultures. Which ever part of Wales you visit we hope that you try and enjoy some of the local home made dishes.​

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