Popham Kidney Support – Swansea, South Wales

Popham Kidney Support was founded on March 13 2013, as Paul Popham Fund, Renal Support Wales, five months after Paul Popham lost his courageous battle with kidney cancer on the October 21 2012.

Paul Popham– or Wally as he was fondly known by his friends of the football community in Swansea – contracted a virus known as nephritis at the age of 28 which resulted in renal failure, that was in 1979. At that time his wife Cheryl was told that she would be a widow in 10 years., with three young children under the age of 10, this was a particularly daunting prospect. Thankfully, Paul far outlived the consultant’s expectations. He had two kidney transplants, both allowing him seven years of dialysis-free living, with the second transplant coming straight after the birth of his fourth child, Matthew whose name means hope. At that time Paul stated that if his kidney transplant gave him five years to play football with his young son, he would die a happy man.

Paul lived on way past Matthew’s fifth birthday. Sadly, however, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2005. The cancer was removed in 2008. 3 years later, Paul was told that it had spread. He was informed he would have eight months to live with a drug that was licensed on the NHS and 14 months with a drug that was licensed but not available on the NHS at that time. Paul’s family and friends fought the NHS for the drug with the help of local media, The South Wales Evening Post, local radio stations Swansea Sound and The Wave as well as patient advocate, Rose Wood – ward of Kidney Cancer Support Network. Paul’s family took an 8,000 signed petition demanding that all kidney cancer patients in Wales receive treatment on the NHS, to the Welsh Assembly in November 2008, and in January 2009 Health Minister Edwina Hart announced that four kidney cancer treatments would be made available on the NHS, one of which was the treatment Paul needed.

Paul started his treatment in January 2009. He took three courses of the treatment, but the side effects were too great. This did not stop Paul living on for four years without any treatment, far outliving standard medical prognosis and again demonstrating his extraordinary spirit. Paul was, without doubt, a positive man and it was this positive attitude that enabled him to live a happy and wonderful life in the face of adversity, and still supporting his family and his beloved football team, St Joseph’s. It is with this spirit that the fund has been set up, to keep his legacy alive and support renal patients like him in Wales to believe in themselves and know they are not alone!

Here at the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity in Cardiff we believe passionately that all children in Wales should get the best possible hospital care. Working with the NHS, we aim to provide the Hospital with state of the art equipment, facilities and family support services. Helping to ensure the best treatment and outcomes possible for its young patients.

We ensure that treatment and outcomes for children can continue to improve by funding new and innovative medical equipment and facilities. We support children and families in the here and now through our emotional support service and the much loved play specialist team and we invest in the future by providing technology that helps train the bright clinicians of tomorrow. We also strive to make the hospital a less frightening and more familiar place for children by sprinkling a little fun and happiness into hospital days. As a charity that relies entirely on donations and gifts in Wills – this is all made possible thanks to people like you.

Why support the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity?

You are here because, like us, you believe that children in Wales deserve the best possible care, in a hospital with the best possible facilities. Like us, you believe in children and like us you want to raise money to ensure that the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital is one of the best in the world. The Noah’s Ark Charity has campaigned, fundraised and delivered. As a result of 15 years hard work and partnership with the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, children in Wales now have their very own Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales – a specialist children’s hospital serving our nation. We ask you to be part of the legacy and join the family #getonboard.

The Kids Cancer Charity based in Swansea, South Wales is a charity that was set up in 1989 to support children with cancer and their families. We have gained a reputation as a professional organisation which provides very high standards of care and support, but also one that understands what it means to have a child with cancer and the deep distress this brings. Families that have a child with cancer need to know that there are people who understand fully their particular problems. Here, at the Kids Cancer Charity, those families find that support and understanding.

Since its inception in 1989, Kids Cancer Charity has been providing help and support to the families of children affected by cancer. Each year it becomes more and more difficult to maintain, let alone enhance, what we do. Financial limitations put a burden, not only on us, but on the families that come to us for the help and support that we can give. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of hard cash to maintain the much sought after, and much needed, services we provide and, like all charities, we rely on the generosity and goodwill of people like you for help. We need your help to keep the money coming in so we can keep the services and support going out to those families of children with cancer. So, how can you help? You can give us money! You can do this either by a fundraising event or by a direct donation. For more details, please contact us here, at Kids Cancer Charity.

Llys Nini Animal Centre based in Penllergaer, Swansea helps hundreds of animals in need every year. Although affiliated to the RSPCA Llys Nini is not funded by them. Please help us help more of them and be the home of Happy Endings.

The RSPCA Branch was established by animal-loving volunteers in the Swansea and Neath areas nearly 200 years ago. The earliest records record from 1871 show that a Mr T. Jeffreys was representing the RSPCA as secretary of the branch. Sometime Margaret Llewellyn Bevan, affectionately known as Portia, led the Branch for 26 years. Other remarkable characters in the development of the branch and delivery of animal welfare include the Nash family. Inspector Nash was very active in the Swansea and Neath areas, supported by his wife and daughter Pam. They were instrumental in setting up the Neath Clinic which Pam ran for many years. The first animal centre, was in Singleton Park and was leased from Swansea Corporation in 1935 and was able to house 31 dogs and 18 cats. It was run for many years by Bill Deane who rescued thousands of animals. Bill was awarded the British Empire Medal for his work and became known as Mr RSPCA in Swansea.

The old Swansea Dogs’ Home was leased from Swansea Council and the lease expired in the early 1990s. The branch for many years prior to that had raised money to buy its own premises. In 1994 the branch bought the old Llys Nini farm in Penllergaer. The old farm house was an historic Welsh long house but unfortunately in a very poor state of repair. It took 3 years to build the Centre and to open. The administration building was built on the footprint of the old farm house and retains much of its character. Llys Nini opened to animals in April 1997 and was formally opened by Alun Michael the then Secretary State for Wales 1999.

In 1997 the animal centre comprised just the Administration Block, Cattery and A and B block kennels. Phase 2 of the build added C block kennels and the Miscellaneous Block and much later the new Inspectors’ cattery and the Ferret House were added. The Branch has had many names since it was formed, including; In 1906 it was Swansea and District; by 1899 it had changed its name to RSPCA West Glamorgan and has undergone several name changes since, including, RSPCA Glamorgan West and Swansea Branch; RSPCA Glamorgan, Swansea, Neath Port Talbot; RSPCA Swansea, Neath, Port Talbot, RSPCA Llys Nini serving Mid and West Glamorgan, RSPCA Llys Nini and currently RSPCA Llys Nini Cardiff to Swansea.

The old farm was a Welsh long house comprised of an animal barn and human living quarters in one building. The door was centrally placed, when you entered Llys Nini, you turned left for the barn and right for the human accommodation. Llys Nini was special, as unlike other Welsh long houses which had the fire place in the end wall, Llys Nini had a large fire place in the centre of the building with stairs to the hay loft behind. Llys Nini Farm is recorded as being ancient in the 1507 Quit Claim. Whether Llys Nini was in existence before that is unknown but at least one local person says that he remembers a Roman Fort on the site and if true that could have formed the basis of the later Llys or Court.

The Llys Nini Animal Centre RSPCA Administration Block is built on the foot print of the old house. It is possible that a Roman practice fort existed there and that it was used by Prince Einon ap Owain ap Hywel Dda, in the 10th Century’ He was the Penteulu (translated as head of the family but was probably the leader of his father’s war band) of Owain of Dinefwr, King of Deheubarth in the 960/70s. It is probable that he established a Llys (court) on the site and that it was called Llys Einon or Llys Enniaun in the Latinised form and that in the interim the name has become Llys Nini.
The quit claim of 1507 says the deceased owner was Gwilym Thuy ( probably Ddu) who was a direct descendent Gryffydd Gwyr, Lord of Gower in the 13th Century who was a a descendent of the House of Deheubarth.

Find out more about the ancient history of the site www.gwlad-nini.co.uk

The Wales Air Ambulance Charity is funded by the people of Wales. We operate some of the most advanced air ambulances in the UK, saving precious time and lives – all thanks to the people of Wales.

We rely entirely on your charitable donations to raise £8 million every year to keep the helicopters in the air and rapid response vehicles on the road across Wales. The Charity was formed on St. David’s Day, 1 March 2001 and operates from bases across Wales. Wales Air Ambulance offers advanced critical care and is often described as a ‘Flying ED’. The on-board consultants and critical care practitioners are highly skilled and carry some of the most pioneering medical equipment in the world. They can deliver blood transfusions, administer anaesthesia and undertake emergency operations at the scene of the incident, before flying the patient directly to specialist care. Our Charity has completed over 45,000* missions and is on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are there for the people of Wales whenever and wherever they need us. For more information on the Charity please visit www.walesairambulance.com

*Please note the mission count will change and can be found on our website Welsh Air Ambulance Charitable Trust (walesairambulance.com)

The ABF Soldiers Charity in Wales is based at Maindy Barracks in Cardiff, South Wales. Our local team, Peter Davies and Catherine Hawtin, work with our marvellous volunteers and supporters across the length and breadth of Wales. The ABF Soldiers Charity in Wales aim to deliver a variety of fantastic events and help fundraise and raise awareness of the great work that ABF The Soldiers’ Charity does in Wales, and the wider UK.

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity is the Army’s national charity, here for soldiers, former soldiers and their families for life. We stand at the forefront of support for the Army family, last year supporting 60,000 people in 63 countries around the world. As one of the largest funders in the sector, we award grants to individuals and families, and fund leading organisations that support soldiers, former soldiers, and their families. When we hear of a person or family in need, we aim to respond within 48 hours. From helping wounded soldiers to adapt to life after service, to assisting elderly veterans to keep their independence, we’re here for the Army family when they need us. We offer support in six key areas: independent living, elderly care, education and employability, mental fitness, families and housing. All soldiers, veterans and their immediate families should have the opportunity to avoid hardship and enjoy independence and dignity.

  • Our total charitable expenditure was £8.3 million, ensuring a complete spectrum of support to more than 60,000 members of the Army family.
  • We have supported the British Army family all over the world – in 63 countries this year.
  • The youngest person we supported was two years old, the eldest was 103.
  • We funded 43 other charities and organisations that are providing specialist support to the Army family.



The Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary rescues and provides a home for many types of unwanted animals, especially primates, such as Chimpanzees, Baboons, Mandrills, Spider Monkeys, Vervets, Capuchins, Mangabeys and Marmosets. The Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary can be found in Abercraf which is situated in the lovely Brecon Beacons National Park area of South Wales, we welcome visitors to see the animals and the work that we do.

Although we specialise in the care and protection of primates we cannot stand by and see other animals in need of help. You will therefore find Wolf Dogs, Horses, Donkeys, Cattle, Pigs and others at our sanctuary. All are equally important members of our extended family. Visitors are welcome to see the animals and the work we do. We undertake a number of rescues from zoos and laboratories where animals have suffered mistreatment and deprivation or are no longer wanted. As they are not equipped for survival in the wild we can only endeavour to make the rest of their lives as enjoyable and stress free as possible. We are eternally grateful to all those kind people who help us to care for the animals in our sanctuary. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to find out what goes on behind the scenes at the Sanctuary? Well here’s your chance! Join our keeping team and experience life as a Keeper for a day. Learn about life at the sanctuary and the animals that you will meet from the people that really know – Our keepers. Get stuck into food preparation, feeding and even mucking out! Best of all spend time with some of the world’s most exotic animals.

Donations from the public, businesses and other organisations are vital to our continued survival and any contribution or other form of support is greatly appreciated, please get in touch with us at The Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary.