Bespoke Business Events Company

Bespoke Business Events is a boutique events management company delivering events for local and international clients in Wales and Northern Ireland. As a leading Destination Management Company (DMC) and Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) we have experience of successfully running meetings, incentives, conferences and events for local and international companies, agencies and associations for over 10 years.

With our specialist expertise Bespoke Business Events create exciting, unique and authentic programmes, showcasing the very best of these stunning destinations as well as managing projects in the rest of the UK and Ireland. For over 10 years we have been successfully running events for local and international businesses, associations and agencies. We are proud members of our industry’s professional bodies SITE and ABPCO and see our memberships and professional development as an important part of a successful business. We are passionate about the range of services we offer, the stunning Welsh and Northern Irish landscapes and the beautiful world class venues that we get to call our ‘office’. With our extensive expertise, creativity and commitment, we deliver unique and memorable experiences that are a step up from the usual range of services. We’re proud to create unique team building events, business trips, conference and incentive programmes for special interest groups, product launches, VIP experiences, gala dinners and anything in between that requires careful curation and detailed planning! Clients love that we are a ‘one stop shop’ catering for all their event needs, from meet and greets or private dinners to full conference management. We’re also renowned for our hands on approach, warm friendliness and going that extra mile for our clients – what’s not to love!

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Riversimple are aiming to offer customers the first affordable, hassle free, fun-to-drive hydrogen powered eco car, delivered as a complete and cost-transparent service. Riversimple are not selling products.  We’ll retain ownership of the cars and sell mobility as a service.

At Riversimple we’ve created a simple pricing structure that enables customers to pay a single monthly fee that covers everything – the car, the maintenance, the insurance, the fuel.  Nothing hidden.  No small print.  That way customers have all the pleasure but none of the hassle of ownership.  When a customer returns a car to us at the end of their contract, we offer it to the next customer. We’re doing all we can to adopt the “sale of service” model upstream with our suppliers, so that their interests are also aligned with ours, the customer’s and the planet’s. We’re building a distributed manufacturing model.  We don’t need massive factories to achieve our goals; instead we’ll build human-scale, profitable operations near the markets they serve – each will produce around 5,000 cars a year. We’ll be as open as we can be with our technology and our standards, with the aim of encouraging others to follow or even improve on what we’ve built.  The more people who follow us, the more we’ll eliminate environmental impact.  And the lower the costs of this new technology for all of us. We don’t believe that there needs to be any trade off between a successful, profitable, resilient business and delivering our aim of eliminating environmental impact.  We have designed our business, from scratch, to turn sustainability from a cost on the bottom line to a source of competitive advantage. The more environmental damage we eliminate, the more successful we will be as a business.

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Welcome to Morgans Customs & Classics, the premier world wide dealer of all Piaggio Ape Models. At Morgans Customs & Classics we pride ourselves on selling Piaggio Apes to suit all budgets. With over 4 years experience in exporting Piaggio Apes we have the partners to get your Ape delivered safely. We have customers in South Korea, USA, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, France and Germany.

Morgans Customs & Classics is a one stop shop for all things Piaggio Ape (although we do specialise in all forms of classic vehicles) the business was born out of necessity, in 2016 I was contacted by a major restaurant chain, they needed an Piaggio Ape 3 wheeler for Heathrow airport and they needed it quick! 3 days later I was delivering an Empolini Casalini to their art department in Manchester and so the business was born. Following on from this I fell in love with Italians 3 wheelers so I sourced and purchased my first Ape, a very rare MP500 van to create a mobile bar, the rest is history! Who is Morgans classics? Its me, Rhys Morgans. Ive been buying and sourcing Classic cars for as long as I can remember. What is my Automotive backrground? I studied Motor Sport Engineering at Swansea Metropolitan, after leaving University I then got a job as a Diagnostic engineer mainly working for Jaguar Landrover and other major O.E.Ms. You may notice some similarities to that’s because I set up with my good friend Erik, so if you’re from the USA please contact Erik!


At Gower Coffee our philosophy is simple; good quality coffee at an affordable price. Gower Coffee have 10 different blends including a decaffeinated, each of them matching and named after a surf break of the Gower in Swansea, Wales. These blends range in strength and style, from easy beach breaks to gnarly reefs. To give an example; the Three Cliffs Bay wave is steady and mellow with the associated coffee a medium strength, smooth, all day blend.

My name is Marcus Luporini and I am an Italian living on the Gower. I came up with the Gower Coffee Company by mixing two huge passions of mine; coffee and surfing. For nearly 50 years my family have been running Swansea’s famous Kardomah café where Dylan Thomas met with the ‘Kardomah Gang’ and used the café to inspire some of his work. This is where my extensive knowledge of coffee began, the café sells over 30 different coffees, including Gower Coffee. I have surfed all around the world but nowhere is quite like the Gower: Its beauty and diversity is unrivalled. I am lucky to have lived and surfed here for most of my life. We use as many ethically sourced, sustainable and Fair Trade, arabica beans as we possibly can. We support Fair Trade Alliance, Sustainable Soil Alliance, Rainforest Alliance. All of which make sure, that our coffee beans are ethically sourced, sustainable and fair for all farmers. We use the latest – cutting edge in our coffee making. Unrivalled choice of roasting styles, with high yield roasting and convection roasting, Profile, Micro-lot, Artisan batch and Single origin roasting. BRC Accredited, Soil Association, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. The Gower Coffee Company mixes our personal passion for coffee with our love of surfing. Our blends are unique, flavoursome and delivered to your door. We love coffee, we love what we do and we want to share this with you. Our coffee is extremely good value for money and the quality is of consistently high standards. We supply restaurants, hotels, cafes as well as coffee bags or packets for home. Order yours today!


Wales International is an organisation based in Wales which connects Welsh people across the world and gives them a platform to communicate and network. Wales international organise an annual meet-up and events on our stand at the National Eisteddfod sharing stories and news about individuals plus Welsh societies on our blog and we promote Welsh events around the globe on our calendar.

Wales International, formerly known as Undeb y Cymru ar Wasgar, was formally established in 1948 by our Honorary President, T. Elwyn Griffiths from Carmarthenshire. During his service with the air force in Cairo in 1943, he was inspired to set up a society that could help soldiers to keep in contact with Wales. T. Elwyn Griffiths discovered that the Scottish had a number of bodies and also a magazine which connected the soldiers with their home country, and he was determined to provide Welsh soldiers with the same opportunity. There was a lot of support and enthusiasm, and after a lot of hard work, the first edition of the ‘Seren y Dwyrain’ magazine was published and distributed widely across the Middle East. After returning home to Wales after the war, T.Elwyn Griffiths was determined to set up an official society. Undeb y Cymry ar Wasgar was launched at the National Eisteddfod in Bridgend in 1948, where they had a unit to welcome all the Welsh people from around the world, up to 400 visitors a year! The magazine developed alongside the society and focused on connecting all Welsh people across the globe. Its name also changed to ‘Yr Enfys’. T.Elwyn Griffiths remained highly involved in both the committee and Yr Enfys, for 40 years, and was awarded an MA from The University of Wales and a medal from America in recognition of his work. The people of Wales live all over that world and contribute a huge amount wherever they are. These more we can all connect, the more we can bring this gigantic abundance of skill and passion into a fully functioning network, the more vibrant and successful Wales – and all the people who care about Wales – will become. If you haven’t already, please join Wales International today.

The Welsh-Hungarian Cultural Association (WHCA) was established to unite the many volunteer-led initiatives and individuals working to build cultural ‘bridges’ between Wales and Hungary. Our members are behind popular Welsh-Hungarian events and initiatives including Magyar Cymru, Cardiff’s annual Welsh-Hungarian Concert, and efforts to strengthen cultural relations in Montgomery (Powys) and Kunágota (Békés County).

From music to literature, there are numerous parallels between Wales and Hungary. The Welsh Hungarian Cultural Association are dedicated to bringing these to the forefront and raising awareness of Welsh-Hungarian cultural links in every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Founded in 2020, the Welsh Hungarian Cultural Association (WHCA) is an entirely volunteer-led, unincorporated charitable association, recognised in Wales and England. With trustees and members from both Hungarian and Welsh backgrounds, the association’s primary aim is the comprehensive representation and advancement of Welsh-Hungarian cultural relations. The Welsh Hungarian Cultural Association aims also include facilitating long-term cooperation between various bodies concerned with the advancement of Welsh-Hungarian arts and heritage, supporting and endorsing the work independent Welsh-Hungarian initiatives, and undertaking cultural programmes to foster the knowledge and appreciation of Welsh-Hungarian cultural links in both Wales and Hungary. From observing St David’s Day in Hungary to hosting Welsh-Hungarian activities for children in Wales, we are working closely with diaspora communities and authorities in both countries to pass on our traditions and celebrate together. Our members have hosted various Welsh-Hungarian concerts and folk dance events as far as Budapest and Cardiff. We also work closely with the Kodály Violin School in Carmarthenshire, the Wales International Academy of Voice and the Hungarian opera scene to unite our two cultures through the power of music and dance. Hungarian poet János Arany’s “The Bards of Wales” is a true cornerstone of our efforts to build bridges between Wales and Hungary. We work closely with the people of Montgomery in Mid-Wales, where the ballad is set and where Arany is a posthumous Freeman of the town. Through Magyar Cymru, which operates in all three languages, our members actively encourage our communities to explore each other’s languages. We work with community-based organisations and deliver social media campaigns to educate Welsh and Hungarian people about magyar and Cymraeg, respectively.

The North American Festival of Wales (NAFOW) and The Welsh North American Association (WNAA) are run and coordinated by dedicated volunteers who donate their time and travel expenses. Aside from the WNAA International Headquarters office staff, WNAA board members and  North American Festival of Wales volunteers are not monetarily compensated. The Welsh North American Association (WNAA) is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.

This North American tradition began in 1929 when over 4,000 people gathered at Niagara Falls for the first National Gymanfa Ganu. It became the largest gathering of the Welsh, descendants, and friends in North America. The festival is held in a different location each year, in either the U.S. or Canada, on the shared Labour Day holiday weekend it is now in its 90th year. Prepare yourself for four full days of song, merriment, and camaraderie with old and new friends, celebrating the life, heritage, and culture of Wales. New name, same great organization, Welsh North American Association – WNAA.  At the September 3, 2011, Annual General Meeting of The Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu Association, in Cleveland, Ohio, 82 years after the first gathering was held in 1929 in Niagara Falls NY, members voted to change the name to better reflect the organization to The North American Festival of Wales as it known today. For more than eighty years our premier North American-Welsh organization has safeguarded and nourished the best of the famed singing traditions of Wales. Our mission is to “to preserve, develop and promote our Welsh cultural heritage including, but not limited to, the Gymanfa Ganu, literature, cultural traditions, and to do all such things necessary and proper to accomplish and enhance the same.”

The North America Wales Foundation exists to promote education and cultural links between Wales and North America. A 501(c)3 charity founded in 1980, we provide scholarships and bursaries; host events that create awareness of historical and on-going trans-Atlantic links;  continue to develop a network of people on both sides of ‘the pond’ to support our work; and make awards to commemorate individuals who we feel have, by personal example, furthered Welsh-American relations.

The North America Wales Foundation provides scholarships, grants and bursaries to recipients whose applications promote cultural or educational links between Wales and North America. The majority are educational and targeted at students although there are other bursaries, for example to help musicians perform in America.  Most recently  winners of  the National Eisteddfod’s Osborne Roberts Blue Ribband have been funded to be the featured performer at the Heritage Medallion Banquet at the North American Festival of Wales.  The founders in Wales included the late Sir William Crawshay and in the United States John K (Jack) Evans who had begun his career sailing in ships exporting slate from Porthmadog and who ended up in a position of great influence in the US. oil industry. Originally known as the National Welsh-American Federation, we changed our name to North America Wales Foundation in 2017 to reflect growing participation in Canada.

Statement of Purpose:
The NAWF is dedicated to sharing Welsh-culture with other ethnic groups and to recognizing the contributions and achievements of Welsh-Americans. It encourages understanding and recognition of those values that are unique to the Welsh heritage. To that end, the Foundation is dedicated to:

  1. Promote and share the history and cultural heritage of Welsh-Americans;
  2. Coordinate the activities of Welsh-Americans in all cultural and educational activities;
  3. Encourage an exchange of artists and scholars between Wales and the United States so as to share the Welsh language, music and culture with the World;
  4. Provide financial assistance through scholarships, fellowships and study grants to eisteddfodau, Welsh festivals, traveling museums, exhibits and choral groups;
  5. Provide a unified, effective voice for Welsh-Americans in all aspects of American society;
  6. Support Welsh-American groups in their relations with corporate, philanthropic and governmental organizations in the United States and Wales.

Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) can help you to reduce your business running costs, from Electricity to Water, and everything in between. Relax and let Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) do the hard work for you helping you save more on more. We are one of the UK’s fastest growing companies, so don’t delay call us today and start saving on those bills.

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Wales Beckons is a Welsh based holiday company, we are located in Wales and owned by Welsh people who are resident in Wales. At Wales Beckons we love our country and between us and our partners all over Wales provide holidays and breaks in our beautiful country of Wales, carefully tailored to your needs and interests.

Thanks to our insider knowledge of the ‘nooks & crannies’, we can offer you a holiday which cannot be offered by other general holiday companies which may be located outside Wales. Whatever you want from a holiday in Wales, Wales Beckons can make it for you. Just let us know and we will put everything together for you. Wales Beckons and all its associates are fully insured for your peace of mind, safety and security. You don’t have to go far to find somewhere beautiful in Wales. Despite its small size, it is full of changes of scenery and changes of mood and weather. Sometimes you can be only a short step away from an inspiring view or interesting landmark. Always wanted to visit Wales, but not sure where to start, let us arrange a completely bespoke itinerary for you based on the things you enjoy and love to do.

Our suggested introductory holiday to our beautiful homeland. An 8 day/7 night holiday to south Wales, staying in top-class hotels, showing you much of what Wales has to offer which include:

    • Visiting ancient castles
    • Explore a holy island and its monastery
    • Learn about Welsh history at a fascinating life museum
    • Roam fabulous sandy beaches.

If you want to extend this holiday and take in North Wales as well, it can be easily extended to allow you to visit Snowdonia in North Wales including a trip up Mount Snowdon, the highest peak in England & Wales. If your require any further information on planning a holiday to Wales please get in touch with us where we will be more than happy to assist you on planning your next vacation or visit to Wales.