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The Wine Society of Wales

The Wine Society of Wales was founded in June 2022, this is, naturally, a young society as wine circles go. That said the team is passionate in all ‘things’ food and wines, and we are lucky enough to have been able to include within the team some notable wine buffs, and specialists, both professional and amateur.

The Wine Society of Wales is jointly owned by Spanish food professional Gabriel Fernandez Gomez, (Gabi) proprietor of The Fat Toro, Wine & Pintxos Bar in Walter Road, Swansea and Food & Drink Consultant (and owner of Taste Swansea & West Wales Food Magazine,) Steve Homer who has in recent years returned from living abroad for many years where he was involved in food and drink business.

Our Aims

An informal discussion over an impromptu al fresco lunch in the garden, punctuated by wine of course, led to the idea of forming the Wine Society with the intention to cover a multitude of objectives (in no particular order):

  • Educate those willing parties who would like to know more about wine, including organising courses resulting in professional qualifications. (Of course, we bring in professionals to do this!)
  • Arrange and conduct wine and food tours abroad, particularly within Europe and share best practices amongst the wine growers in the respective countries.
  • Organise wine (and food tours) to those vineyards and food producers within Wales which allow tours.
  • Organise and conduct Wine Tasting events, Wine & Food Matching events and other wine-based events by teaming up with like-minded restaurant/bar venues throughout Wales.
  • Increase Welsh Tourism through wine, and where desired, help Welsh wine producers reach a bigger audience. We are proud to be Business Supporters of Fly 2 Wales & also Discover Wales on their promotion of Wales internationally for both tourism and trade.

Contact Information

The Wine Society of Wales, Swansea, South Wales, UK

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