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St David’s World is the social platform for all things Wales, St David’s World provide a voice for impassioned, enthusiastic and devoted people who identify with Wales to share their stories, and to inspire others around the world to do the same. The St David’s World platform offers community-building tools for people to create an online presence for their real-world location.

By taking part, your helping to build a Welsh presence worldwide, so that we can tell the whole world about how great Wales is. In 2003, Tim Openshaw lived in Singapore. He was excited about the Rugby World Cup approaching, but had a small problem – he didn’t know any other local Wales supporters to watch it with. Tim sent an open email invitation to all his local contacts, calling for any Wales fans to meet at a local venue, and asked everyone to spread the word. On match day, 300 Wales supporters arrived, all looking for atmosphere and the same feeling of Welsh identity. They found their world. Why not promote what’s going on in your area and inspire other communities to start building a presence for Wales. See what other communities are doing and get involved, please take a look at our short video introduction HERE to find out more about us, what we do and for joining us where ever you are in the world.


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