Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum – Caernarfon Castle

Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum

Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum is housed in two towers of Caernarfon Castle. In it you will find a wealth of original exhibits, supported by film, sound and models, which tell the story of over 300 years of service by Wales’s oldest infantry regiment, in peacetime and in war, all around the world.

You can learn at the Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum how they won 14 Victoria Crosses and hear the words of the famous writers who served with the Royal Welch during the First World War – Siegfried Sassoon, Robert Graves, ‘Hedd Wyn’, David Jones and Frank Richards. You will see what life was like for the ordinary soldier and his family and discover the Regiment’s unique traditions. North Wales is the traditional home of the Royal Welch Fusiliers but recruits have come from all over the United Kingdom and Ireland, particularly during the two World Wars. This means that the Regiment has connections with families worldwide and we will be pleased to help with your family history research. Our Enquiries page will tell you how to proceed.

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Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum, The Castle, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, North Wales, LL55 2AY
Tel: 01286 673362
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