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Principality of Sealand

On the 25th of September 1975, Prince Roy Bates proclaimed the Constitution of the Principality of Sealand. Over time, other national treasures were developed, such as it’s national anthem, stamps, as well as gold and silver coins, minted as Sealand dollars. Principality of Sealand passports were produced and issued to many of those who have contributed to the formation and continuation of the Principality.

Today Sealand this Micronation brings together a thriving community from all over the world who unite through a shared philosophy of freedom, self-determination and adventure. To help grow the community, we proudly offer Sealand’s Noble Title initiative. This is an open invitation to all persons of the world who share our beliefs to join our community and formally show their support in a meaningful and enjoyable way. This initiative also greatly benefits the ongoing maintenance and regeneration efforts on our fortress home, as well as helping to safeguard what is a true bastion of freedom for future generations. For almost sixty years, the Principality of Sealand has been forging a vibrant and dynamic culture which has captured the imagination of people all over the world.

Today, part of this culture has been born out of our national sports teams. Today, Sealand competes internationally in an ever-growing number of sports. We are proudly represented by two American Football teams, the men’s Sealand ‘Seahawks’ and ladies Sealand ‘She-Hawks’. In the summertime, we host a gruelling open water charity swim event from Sealand to the UK, which grows in popularity by the year. In true Sealand adventuring spirit, our mountaineering team have so far taken Sealand’s flag to the summit of 4 of the 7 highest peaks, including Mount Everest. We also have teams competing under the Sealand flag in curling, Ice Hockey, Long distance running.

In recent times we have focused our efforts on embracing new and innovative concepts towards governance by exploring how Web3 technologies, such as blockchain, can create a more transparent and decentralized government. Leveraging these cutting-edge tools offers Sealand an opportunity to improve our ability to represent and serve our community, empowering individuals to participate more actively in the decision-making process. This has the potential to position Sealand as a pioneer of new, fairer and more open governance, which we hope will help promote greater freedoms throughout the world. We have achieved the status of being one of the most environmentally friendly countries on earth. 99.9% of our electricity is from renewables, using a combination of wind turbines and solar panels. Our entire fresh water supply is harvested from rainfall, which is plentiful in the Principality.

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The Principality of Sealand, Latitude: 51° 53′ 23.99″ N, Longitude: 1° 28′ 34.19″ E
Tel: +44 7300 558882
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