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NINNAU & Y Drych is the North American Welsh Newspaper. It is the result of the 2003 merger of NINNAU, then the North American Welsh Newspaper, and Y Drych, the oldest Welsh newspaper in the Americas. Now united as one newspaper, NINNAU & Y Drych provides complete coverage of the North American Welsh community.

We are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the vitality of the North American Welsh community. To that end, we are guided by the following editorial policy:

* Endeavor to maintain the North American Welsh informed of local and general news and events of interest
* Publicize individual contributions to community life
* Provide a forum for discussion and individual expression
* Educate the Welsh people in their traditions
* Serve as a link between North American Welsh people and organizations
* Serve as a link between the North American Welsh people and Wales.

NINNAU & Y Drych is brought to you by a dedicated group of individuals who serve the North American Welsh community by sharing their time and expertise. We are grateful to all for their efforts. All staff, columnists and contributors may be contacted through our main office unless otherwise noted. We strive to provide a comprehensive calendar of Welsh-related events in the United States and Canada. We also include events in Wales and elsewhere in the world if they are deemed of particular interest to the North American Welsh community. Due to the amount of junk email and spam flooding our email box, we have been forced to use a filtering program. To ensure that your email reaches us, please include a short, meaningful phrase in your “subject” line.

Contact Information

Ninnau & Y Drych, PO Box 712, Trumansburg, NY, 14886
Tel: 607-279-6499
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