New York Welsh

New York Welsh

New York Welsh, celebrating Welsh success stories in New York while inspiring the creation of new ones. At New York Welsh we believe that the best way to contribute to the creation of future Welsh success stories is to connect and share the accounts of those already making them.

We organise events ranging from one-off cultural evenings to monthly meetups, all with the goal of promoting and uniting Welsh interests in New York. Our community consists of artists, entrepreneurs and business professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, including finance, law, media, and technology. The club room at The Liberty NYC has been home to us since 2018. When the Sunken Hundred, the Welsh restaurant in Brooklyn, closed its doors we the Welsh community needed a new home. Thankfully, the Haverfordwest-born Glenn Treacher, welcomed the community into his Midtown establishment with open arms. The walls of the club room are adorned with memories and historical achievements of the Welsh community in New York. The murals have been created by local Welsh artist, Illtyd Barrett. All of this comes together to provide us with a new home away from home. Once a month, we hold meet-ups that are open to anyone with Welsh roots or simply an interest in Welsh or Celtic culture. We come together for the Six Nations, St. David’s Day during Wales Week in New York, and Dylan Thomas Day.

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