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Since 2019, the Magyar Cymru Network has been the backbone of Welsh-Hungarian cultural relations, uniting people from all walks of life to foster their knowledge and appreciation of our shared cultural heritage. Thanks to Magyar Cymru and the Wales Week Hungary programme, this unique friendship is now front-of-mind for thousands across Wales and Hungary.

The Network delivers high-impact Welsh-Hungarian cultural projects and showcases the best of both nations through fruitful collaboration with a range of partners and friends. Based in the UK, Hungarian-born PR consultant Balint Brunner is the Founder of Magyar Cymru and the organiser of Wales Week Hungary. Balint’s ‘Let’s Build Bridges’ campaign, seen by thousands across Wales and Hungary, has been featured on the likes of BBC News, ITV Wales and Hungarian national television M5. ​His ‘grassroots’ public diplomacy model – centred around no-budget Welsh-Hungarian activations delivered in a volunteer capacity – has piqued the interest of embassies, cultural organisations and the Welsh Government. An avid Welsh learner, Balint also advocates better Welsh-language integration for immigrants in Wales, and was nominated as a Shwmae Su’mae Day ambassador in 2020. We are proud to be Business Supporters of Fly 2 Wales & also Discover Wales on their promotion of Wales across the world for tourism.

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