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Coastal Foraging

Coastal Foraging experiences are hosted by Craig Evans, he has a life-long passion for sea life and it’s environment; and a keen interest in all aspects of our localities, you will find the coastal foraging experiences both enjoyable and informative.  The Coastal Foraging experiences will teach you all about edible sea-food, where to find or catch it and a bit of local history all at the same time. If all goes well, you’ll get to cook some of the delights that are discovered on a hand-made Solva Stove (a.k.a. Swedish Candle).

About Coastal Foraging

Craig takes walks along the coasts of Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire and finds ingredients to cook up a feast right there and then – proving there are rich culinary pickings on the beach, from mussels to plants and crabs. “Since learning to read I have actively sought out all information I could gather on the coastal wildlife and environment” “Since growing up in the semi-rural Amman Valley on the slopes of the Black Mountains of Carmarthenshire, from a very young age I was taught how to pick wild foods such as mushrooms, wimberries (bilberries), blackberries, tickle trout and accompany my father to the coast to collect cockles.” “Following my 12 years as an RAF aircraft engineer, 17 years working for a major high street bank and having very recently sold my woodland after 8 years of management, I am now embarking on a career to share my knowledge and passion with the wider world.” “Throughout my various careers, I have continued researching hidden locations and had great joy in thoroughly learning about our great coast line in West Wales. For a great number of years, I have kept a large salt water aquarium where I have studied the behaviour of our vastly varied sea life.” “My hope for the future is to educate the wider world about our fantastic coastal environment and promote it’s conservation, and to inspire people to pass on any knowledge gained down through future generations. Drawing people to the area will also, hopefully, promote the local area and benefit the local communities.” If you like to see more of what we do, please CLICK HERE to view our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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