Caldey Island – South Pembrokeshire, Wales

Caldey Island 

Caldey Island lies cradled in the magnificent South Pembrokeshire coastline on the western fringes of Wales. It is one of Britain’s holy islands. About ten thousand years ago, before the sea level rose dramatically at the end of the last Ice Age, Caldey was a hilly peninsula with commanding views over a wide river estuary and the now submerged Carmarthen Plain.

Many archaeological finds have confirmed that Caldey was inhabited at that time and continued to be so after it became an island, through the Bronze and Iron Ages and during the Romano-British and Celtic Christian periods. The Cistercian monks of Caldey continue a tradition which began there in Celtic times. More than a thousand years of prayer and quiet living have made this remote and beautiful island a haven of tranquility and peace. The monks and islanders are pleased to welcome day-visitors to share the delights of their island home throughout the summer season. All sailings to the island are always subject to weather permitting and may be cancelled at short notice. Most of the boats transporting visitors are privately owned vessels granted special permission to land at certain times of the day / week and are only part of the Caldey business enterprise when engaged in conveying visitors to and from the island. When operating as Tenby Coastal and Island Cruises they are a separate entity with no connection to Caldey.

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Caldey Island, Off Tenby, Pembrokeshire, SA70 7UJ
Tel: 01834 844453
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