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Beth Haslam

Beth Haslam, best selling author of Fat Dogs & French Estates. Beth Haslam was brought up on an estate in Wales. Deep in the countryside, her childhood was spent either on horseback, helping the gamekeepers raise pheasants, or out sailing.

A serious car crash back in 1991 ended Beth’s full time career, so she set up her own Human Resources consultancy business. As semi-retirement beckoned, Beth and her husband Jack decided to buy a second home in France. This has become a life-changing event where computers and mobile phones have swapped places understanding French customs, and wrestling with the local dialect. Beth is now occupied as never before. Raising and saving animals, writing, and embracing that rural France has to offer. Fantastic to support both Fly 2 Wales and Discover Wales on their promotion of my homeland across the world.

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Beth Haslam, South of France.
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