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A1K9 Dog Training

A1K9 dog training is the longest established and most respected supplier of family, executive and personal protection dogs in the UK and worldwide. A1K9 supply trained protection dogs to clients including highly respected celebrities and individuals from around the world.

A1K9 dog training lead the way when it comes to executive protection dogs and family guardians. We professionally train and supply only the best German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweiler’s etc to our clients, and therefore we have earned a reputation for supplying top quality, impeccably trained protection dogs and providing unsurpassed customer service making us the leaders in the protection dog industry. Our family and personal protection dogs are generally supplied to families and individuals who, for a variety of reasons, wish to improve their home security for themselves and their families. Our home guard dogs then fulfil a dual role in that family as a trusted family pet, whilst being reliable and highly trained to deal with a security breach should its owner, home or family become threatened. Some of our family protection dog clients are well-known celebrities and many are business executives who live busy lives. Our two decades of experience pioneering this niche industry enables us to effectively tailor our dogs training in a balanced way. Each team member at A1K9 is put through a structured and rigorous training regime to ensure they master the process of training and conditioning the protection dogs that we supply. Under the careful guidance of the company’s two master trainers – Charles and Gaynor – each member of staff is developed to achieve the high standards that have put the business on the map globally. The result of A1K9’s commitment to staff development and the intensive training and conditioning programmes developed by this experienced team is simple: A1K9 consistently produces what could be regarded as the best trained and most reliable personal and family protection dogs in the world, whilst also helping many individuals to get the best out of their pet canine companions.

Contact Information

A1K9 Dog Training, House, Cwmdulais, Nr. Pontardulais, Swansea, SA4 8NP.
Tel: 01792 883395
Mob: 07444 234500
Email: info@a1k9.co.uk
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