Castles in Wales to visit & stay

Castles in Wales? Yes we have many to see and enjoy.

Castles in Wales are abundant from our past history and we have more than 600 situated around the country. There are more per square mile than anywhere else in the world, Wales is sometimes known as the “Castle capital of the world” with over 100 still standing, either as ruins or restored buildings. The rest have returned to nature, and today consist of ditches, mounds, and earthworks, often in commanding positions, others difficult to see and find.

Some Castles have been lived in continuously for a thousand years, while others are just ruins. Many are native Welsh castles, built by Welsh royal dynasties, often in very beautiful places, Welsh castles are among the most stunning features of the country’s landscape, more information on Castles in Wales can be found HERE. Would you like to stay at a Welsh Castle? Listed below are a selection where you can book to stay at for your holiday, vacation or maybe that special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary or reunion. Why not do something a little different for your memorable trip or visit to Wales and stay at a wonderful Castle in Wales.

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