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Welsh Tours and Guides are a must when you visit Wales, there are many fantastic places to see and explore by road and foot.  

Please find a selection of Welsh tour operators and Guides on our web page providing tours in various parts of the country when you plan your holiday, vacation or visit to Wales. All the companies listed are experienced and can cater for most of your touring needs in Wales making your stay an enjoyable one.​

Roam Wales offers sightseeing tours leaving from Cardiff, with an experienced and friendly guide. Shans Tours and Travel offers a bespoke driving service for tourists, business and clients who wish for a personalised experience in travel. Cambrian Safaris provide days out into the Cambrian mountains and tours of Wales for 2 or more days in a Landrover Discovery.
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See where Richard Burton and Tom Jones grew up or step back in time to Usk where King Henry V was born. We offer an unrivalled selection of tours, for families, groups and independent travellers and offer scheduled tours including Castles, Mountains and Whisky as well as private bespoke tours. Our Private Tour allows you to stop when you want, take photographs when you want, and even get to talk with the local residents who will have many a tale to tell. We also offer a selection of exciting sightseeing tours for large groups. (6 people or more). Shan offers bespoke tours around Wales, Tours are tailored to your specific needs and interests catering for a maximum of four people travelling in a rare VW Phaeton. A trip through Wales deserves the very best of planning as there is so much history and so many places to visit. Make Wales your own by choosing your destinations, travelling safely and comfortably with me in a fully licensed and insured vehicle. Some of these journeys require detailed planning and most a sense of adventure. Whether you want to follow in the footsteps of our famous writers such Dylan Thomas or see the landscapes that inspired Turner. There is nothing to beat a Welsh Road Trip! The tours are designed to be flexible, the area we cover is beautifully diverse. Join us for spectacular touring and enjoy fantastic views, scenery, local history and wildlife. We aim to show you places you will want to go back to again and again. Your guide has extensive knowledge of the local area and will try to adjust every tour to your interests. Tours of the ‘Hinterland’ – Ceredigion’s uplands including locations used in the BBC series ‘Y Gwyll’ (‘Hinterland’). Tours of the ‘Picturesque’ historic estates of the Ystwyth Valley and surrounding area. Tours of the Cambrian Mountains byroads and the Elan Valley. Tours can include a selection of old mines, Churches and Chapels or other historic sites and will always pass a variety of small lakes and reservoirs.
All Wales Tours can help you plan your perfect tour of Wales for a small group of people.   Walkalongway is based in West Wales and is set up to help you plan and manage your walking holidays. See Wales Tours, experience the country of Wales on our guided sightseeing Welsh tours. 
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Wales may be a small country in size but massive in character and charm, steeped in culture, with breathtaking contrasting scenic locations and a rich and varied history. We can begin or end the Welsh tours at your chosen location such as any North Wales venue, the capital city of Cardiff or Manchester airport etc. As a starting point, why not explore the sample tours we have put together for our clients. Think of these as a sketch…and then let us help you fill in the colour! Having some of the best coast and beaches in Europe (as mentioned in National Geographic), why not come and make some memories walking this fantastic area. With excellent local knowledge we can help with organising your perfect walking holiday around the coastal paths and inland of Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion. We can also transfer your luggage to your next destination or help you plan themed holiday breaks. We can make your trip tailor made for you. Luggage transfer is also available if you prefer to book your own accommodation. Pembrokeshire Coastal Path and The Ceredigion Coast Path are among the most popular walking destinations in Wales, so let us take the pressure out of planning your next walking trip in Wales. #Pembrokeshire #Ceredigion #WalkingWestWales Maximise your visit to Wales with one of our  unforgettable Welsh tours. Book an excursion to see the best of Cardiff and then the hills, mountains, valleys, beaches, castles, rivers and ruins of Wales. See Wales from Cardiff on a small group one day tours to see Gower, Brecon and the Wye Valley. (Available March to September) See Cardiff on walking tours for all groups. (Available all year) Private tours, school groups, conference & events. “We drive you. We guide you. You explore Wales.
Cambria Tours are an inbound tour operator who specialise in bespoke tours for individuals and groups. Celticos Tours not only take you to visit the well-known venues but will also take you off the main tourist trails. Pembrokeshire Guided Tours offers a range of experiences from walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.
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Their diverse array of tours cover the length and breadth of Wales and cater for every interest including cultural, sport, musical, historical, literary and much more. They have a range of self-drive, walking and cycling tours and also weekly scheduled departures for the whole of Wales, as well as weekly culinary tours of Cardiff and city breaks. Their friendly team are available to help you build the perfect holiday in Wales, and they pride themselves on providing authentic, local experiences for travellers. North Wales is renowned for its contrasting panoramic scenery, it has some excellent venues, historical sites and is well-known for its outdoor leisure facilities but it has much more to offer. By working in conjunction with other local companies and organisations we have created quality tours and events which enhance the visitor experience and the welcome. Join us for one of our Welsh tours on your visit to North Wales. Tours can be designed for individuals or coach parties and any size group in between. Specialising in Pembrokeshire and West Wales, Tour Guide Sarah Gerlach is a Blue Badge Guide qualified to guide anywhere in Wales. My aim is to help you make your holiday memorable, by introducing you to the beautiful place I call home.
Difflomats offer walking tours around Cardiff and promote our capital city. We offer small bespoke tours of the city and surrounding area.   
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We share news and quirky stories, offer help to lost tourists, point people in the right direction, accept commissions for walks and talks, answer queries, can plan trips, pick up litter, give guidance and offer advice about what to see in Cardiff and the rest of Wales; as well as praise or point out problems to local companies, Visit Cardiff, Cardiff Bus and Cardiff Council. Why not join us for one of our Welsh tours soon.

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